Annual vehicle theft figures rise

The number of vehicle thefts nationwide grew 4% to 56,184 last financial year, according to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

Passenger and light commercial (PLC) vehicle thefts increased 6% to 45,666, while motorcycle thefts dropped 3% to 8056.

NSW was the only state to record a reduction in profit-motivated theft.

Victoria accounted for 33% or 12,041 of all PLC short-term thefts, and had the largest share of profit-motivated PLC thefts at 34% or 3338, followed by NSW at 27% or 2671.

While short-term PLC theft has stabilised in Victoria, it remains 61% higher than five years ago due to a sharp increase between 2014 and last year.

Thefts over the five-year period fell significantly in NSW (down 22%), SA (18%), WA (7%) and Queensland (3%).

Profit-motivated theft in NSW fell 35% over the five years.