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Commercial Insurance

Business Insurance

The business insurance package is designed to meet the needs of Australian small to medium sized businesses. Whether you are a manufacturer, importer or storage, retailer, services provider or tradesman, this insurance package can be tailored to meet your business needs. It provides wide ranging protection for your business under one policy and with the potential to combine 10 individual insurance covers (Property, Business Interruption, Theft, Money, Glass, Public/Products Liability, Employee Dishonesty, Machinery Breakdown, Computers and Electrical Breakdown, General Property and Tax Investigation), you secure the cover to meet your specific business requirements.

Public and Products Liability Insurance

Covers your legal liability for compensation if someone who is not an employee or family member (third party) suffers injury/death & damage to others property as a result of negligence.  Product Liability covers injury/death or damage as a result of failure of your products. Please note, if you are importing products, you are deemed to be the manufacturer. Most commercial leases will require you to carry this insurance.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Your business will need a Marine Transit insurance policy if you are required under a consignment note to insure goods sold or purchased. With businesses becoming increasingly dependent on global trade, Marine Transit insurance will provide you with peace of mind, knowing your business is protected against the loss or damage of the goods you transport. A Marine Transit insurance policy will protect your business against loss or damage to goods being:

  • Imported and/or exported

  • Transported within Australia

Cyber Insurance

Data is everywhere. It’s all around us. We collect it. We analyse it. We leverage it. It’s the currency of modern business. And it guides all our key decisions. Without it, everything grinds to a halt. Cyber Liability Insurance can help you recognise and protect the value of your data so you can grow your organisation with confidence.  Regardless of how good your company IT systems are, there is no 100% guaranteed way to protect your data. What’s more, a data breach will not only affect your business, it can negatively impact your clients and customers. Stolen credit card numbers, financial reports, medical records, birth dates and the loss of sensitive personal data can leave you liable and exposed, causing enormous damage to your bottom line and your reputation.

Business Travel Insurance

Without a Business Travel Insurance policy, your business could end up footing the bill for losses that run into thousands of dollars for disrupted flights, medical expenses, lost or stolen money, just to name a few. The financial cost to your business from events outside of your control could be significant.

Personal Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance

We provide a home insurance cover which is designed to fully meet your home and contents insurance needs, whether you are a family, a working couple, single, a retiree or just starting out in your first home or flat. We can provide you with real choice and a solution you can rely on, You choose the cover you need, and we provide it to you in a competitive, easy to understand and comprehensive way. We offer two main options of cover, the fantastic protection of accidental damage which protects your property from a large range of incidents and for any accidental loss or damage; and the listed events cover which protects against a wide range of specific events.

Landlord Insurance

As any Landlord knows, your property is a source of income and an investment that needs to be protected. That’s why you need a comprehensive Landlord Insurance policy which covers a range of circumstances; one that is specifically designed to protect you and your property. Landlord Insurance provides insurance protection for your liability as a Landlord as well as cover for Landlord’s contents, loss of rent by an insured peril, rent default among other benefits.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Getting your car insurance can be very time consuming, we take the time to get several quotes from the market to ensure that you are getting the cover you need at a competitive premium. We are also here in the event of an accident and can assist you with lodging a claim, finding a repairer and getting you back on the road.

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